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If there’s a word for today, it’s PRODUCTIVE! But before I jump into my Tuesday, Dan and I did something exciting (to us) yesterday: a trip to Costco!!! Costco is kind of far from us, but it’s a nice little taste of home, and a nice break from the high prices of Tokyo. Let’s take [...]

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9 Miles!

Despite not getting much sleep (5 tossy-turny hours), today was fabulous! I taught 10-1pm and came home and had a protein filled lunch of eggs and a banana. Then Dan and I went to the bedroom to get ready to run. I pulled open the curtains so Penny could lay on the bed in the [...]

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I receive more emails about running than I do about being a resident of Japan! I thought since Dan and I are 2 months into our diet and exercise regimen I’d share what we’ve been doing and how successful we’ve been. I’d like to add that I’m not a doctor nor dietician, and a firm [...]

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